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HER: Health Equity RitualsHER Communication Homepage

It's not just what you say...'s how you say it. HER Communication is an emerging nonprofit design studio. We focus on health & science communication for health equity. We want to help improve peoples' relationships to health & science. We want to improve health researchers' relationships with medically underserved communities.

We aim to do this by coming up with new formats, media, and approaches for health communication.


Why "Rituals"?

There are a lot of routines in health & science communication. Someone plays the role of the expert. Someone plays the patient. Things like joy, humor, and quirkiness are ignored. These routine processes are taken for granted as good ways to get across health info. "Rituals," points out how in these routines, everyone has a role to play.

Why "Health Equity"?

Everyone should have the chance to be healthy. Due to structural factors, that's not happening. But it's not so easy to fix that. Many people don't trust the medical system. Many people aren't represented in health research. Many researchers don't have strong relationships with the communities their work impacts. We believe new ways of talking about health & science can help.



What if health research had new values at the center? What if science communication focused on bringing out new emotions? From speculative design to roleplaying games, our workshops focus on health & science topics in exciting ways.

Learn more about HER Workshops here.


Through our zine, we encourage two-way learning in academic settings. We highlight voices from underrepresented communities in health & science fields. We teach professionals in such settings to learn from these voices.

Learn more about HER Zine here.

Tools & Games.

We want the tools we make to be fun, active experiences. Whether a playful evaluation tool or an educational board game, our Tools & Games encourage understanding through active participation.

Learn more about HER Tools & Games here.