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HER: Health Equity RitualsHER Tools and Games

Learning is an active process.

Our tools and games creative active experiences to help understand complex concepts in health and science.


The HER Communication Zine brings together voices and perspectives from communities underrepresented in health research. Then, we run workshops and journal clubs with the zine for researchers.

The aim of this work is not to "give a voice to" or "empower" anyone. Rather, it's to teach people in the health field to learn from outside perspectives.



Welcome to the collaborative yet competitive world of academic health research! You’re all colleagues at the same university, each heading your own lab. You only have so much time to prove yourself by publishing papers about your research. But to do that, you need research funding in the form of grants. It’s time to get grants, publish papers, and accomplish your personal goals!

Visit the UNFUNDABLE board game website.