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HER: Health Equity RitualsHER Communication Zine

Health equity requires 2-way learning.

The HER Communication Zine doesn't aim to give anyone a voice. Why? People already have their own voices. Instead, we aim to teach health researchers and medical professionals to listen to underrepresented voices.

See the HER Communication Zine online.


The HER Communication Zine brings together voices and perspectives from communities underrepresented in health research. Then, we run workshops and journal clubs with the zine for researchers.

The aim of this work is not to "give a voice to" or "empower" anyone. Rather, it's to teach people in the health field to learn from outside perspectives.


Issue 1: A People's Guide to Precision Medicine.

Precision medicine is a data-driven approach to medical research and treatment. It promises more personalized health care. It promises more detailed personal health information. It promises a broad shift in approahes to medical research.

But what do these promises look like from viewpoints underrepresented in health research?

Read Issue 1: A People's Guide to Precision Medicine".